Artist : Jazio Blaq
Genre : Rap
Other Styles:

Who Is He?
Jazio is in a category of his own

Born in Ghana Africa, and raised in the south (Louisiana & Alabama), Michael Brako(real name) has developed a unique style with his new 18 track album showing his true talent of versatility. Jazio has been working the independent music scene seriously since the age of 13.

Jazio BlaqRaised in an African style household, Jazio started learning and living the life of a man at the age of 17, when he left his family's home. His experiences have given him the chance to touch many others relating to him. Jazio explains himself as a content, humble individual who likes being in the company of his closest friends.

Being the rebellious, black sheep of the family, he took it upon himself to go around the states in hopes to make it in music. Trouble always seemed to follow him. Jazio faced constant battles with himself trying to take the right path only left put matters in his own hands as he lived a do-it-my-way type of man.

He apprenticed at Black House University Records (Jacksonville, FL) with James Bailey. Jazio possessed multi-talented skills in web design, graphic layout, engineering, writing, recording, producing, rapping, and chess! As bad luck seemed to surround Jazio, he found himself going downhill and having to move back to Minnesota to pursue school where his father taught as he calls it (the back up plan).

"You also get a chance to learn a lot in whats really going on", Jaz adds. "Take it in, then apply your knowledge through music and teach".

Before he moved to Minnesota, he took 1 week to produce a 9 song album to sell in Minnesota. Success in the little town of Winona started to bring his life back together. It would not be long until he started doing shows to be heard.

"Its very different here, culturally I mean", he says. "But you adjust, learn and be real to yourself and I think thats why I'm getting succesful".

Selling over 400 CD’s in the town of 25,000 people earned him duely respect by his peers and family as well as other independent artists. One year later (2003), he released an 18 song album with a plan to be the door for independent artists in the region who hope to be discovered but see slim chances because of location. Jazio has been in numerous news papers, performed for fund raising events, and now quickly making a name in the Midwest Region. Since his album release (July 21, 2003), he has been invited to the ASCAP Billboard Awards in late August '03, accepted as a performer for the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference in Colorado in November 2003, contacted by independent film company, WarLord Films for permission of his music, as well as other numerous opportunities.

August 2004, Jazio performed in Omaha, Nebraska at the Midwest Entertainment Music Awards (M.E.M.A) as well as presented awards in the urban/hip hop categories.

Jazio, a humble thinker, analyzer, and keeps it down to earth. He states that he can never forget where he came from.

He likes to write music that he feels somebody is going through. “I make music for the soul. I’m not scared to throw a little of my sensitivity in ‘cuz we’re all humans. The music is chemistry and I am also experiementing”.

"Man may plan his path but God determines his steps, so all I can do is work and let God do the rest” , Jazio says.

Currently, Jazio is working on his latest album 'Roots'.
"Roots is going to be laced with my experiences in life, because it is what sculpts my music and makes me. My root is from home, why I think what I think and do what I do.

Jazio's primary goal is to be extremely successful in the business. He says that once he gets to his financial goal, he would like to go back to African and rebuild the slums of the city, make more jobs, and provide a larger outlet for the Hip Life society of Ghana's hip hop world.

"I'd really like to give my dad money to do research he's been working on for a long time in his life. Give him enough to retire so he can dedicate to his research and make a change for the better. I have a lot to accomplish in this lifetime and with hard work I know I'll be able to rest in peace knowing I helped myself and millions of people. My last breath will be proudly taken".

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