Artist : Josh Laryea
Genre : Gospel
Other Styles:

The official name of Josh Laryea is Joshua Alphonso Tetteh Cheataa-Laryea. He is a Ghanaian, born on 15th June in Accra. He hails from Gbese a suburb in Accra.

Josh LaryeaJosh is an old student of Accra Academy and Apam Secondary School.

He offered his undergraduate studies at the Central University College.
He is just about completing his Thesis in the Master of Philosophy in
Religious Studies program in this same institution.

He is a Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church ( I.C.G.C Christ Temple Assembly).
Josh Laryea was the Assistant Chaplain of the Central University College from 2000-2006
where he also lectured Christian Perspective on Management in the School of Business Management and Administration.

Presently he is the Faculty Officer of the School of Theology and Missions at the Central University College.

Josh was born with the gift of singing, which was spotted at the age of 10.
The gift was unearthed on campus where he led the Jama groups (fun groups) of both Accra Academy and Apam Secondary School. As a matter of fact his daddy robbed on him a lot. Josh’s father was a led praise and worship for several years.

After Josh got born again in 1991, he started cultivating this gift with commitment, dedication and hard work and this is how far Lord has brought him.

Josh released his first album “His Resurrection Power” in 1992. This was well patronized by Canadian Churches and Universities due to the style and flavour of the songs on the album.

He had to wait for about two more years to release the next album “Praise Power in 94”.

Josh then waited for three more years to learn more about the industry and also listen to divine instruction from the Lord.

In 1997, Josh then released the third album dubbed “Ye tietia wo so” in the Akan dialect which literally means “we walk over you’. This statement was actually referring to walking over every activity of the devil as well as any negative circumstance of life, reassuring Christians of their victory in Christ Jesus.

This album became a major hit in Ghana and many neighboring African countries like Togo, Benin and La Cote’ D’viore. It was also patronized in Canada and the USA mostly in the African Communities.

Josh’s fourth album was released in 2002 dubbed “Halleluyah Africa”, this album re-echoes the fact that it is not over with Africa yet, that God is raising gallant men and women who would bring Africa from obscure places into the lime light. Some of the songs on this album were translated and sang in French. There were other languages like two of Nigeria’s most popular dialects Yoruba and Ibo, which took Josh’s ministry another level.

The recent album of Josh Laryea made lots of waves right from when it started enjoying airplay. Within two days of release one of Ghana’s major football clubs "Hearts of Oak" adopted the the title track “NGBOO” as their motivational song. Within two weeks of its release, “Ngboo” is being played on every radio and television station around the nation. It is sang everywhere in Ghana and the patronage is overwhelming.

“Ngboo” means “I will not die”. Josh emphasizes that you must not die until what God has written concerning you comes to pass. In other words God predestines every person and until they fulfill their destiny they must not die.

The new and current album of Josh Laryea "Overcomer" which was released in October 2005, is graciously doing well.The album has 12 tracks and is multi faceted in nature.The album has different styles and flavours and rich in content. It has 6 local flavoured songs and 6 western contemporary styles.Currently the album is enjoying alot of airplay on the TV and Radio channels all over the Nation.The hit track overcomer is now a house hold song in all the churches around the Nation.The Video Clips of the Overcomer and Medowo (I'll Love You) tracks have been reviewed as one of the best gospel videos that ministers to the soul & spirit.

Josh Laryea’s ministry has taken him many places and is characterized by grace and healing that comes from God’s presence. The one unique trademark is his stagecraft. His swift footworks on stage is something else. His admirers often wonder how he’s able to move his neck with rhythmic precision and pace to the beat of the song. The energy, joy and excitement that breaks forth from his ministry is amazing.


Ghana Music Awards: Winner - Gospel Artiste of the year 2005

Ghana Music Awards: Nominee - Gospel Artiste of the Year 2004

Ghana Music Awards: Nominee - Gospel Song of the Year 2004 (Ngboo)

Ghana Gospel Music Award: Nomineee - Gospel Artiste of the Year 2003

Ghana Gospel Music Award: Nominee - Praise Song of the Year 2003

Today Josh Laryea is a household name in Ghana as far as gospel music is concerned.

Josh is a Pastor by calling and have been in ministry for over 5 years. He is married to Vivian, and they have been blessed with three boys, Kirk, Josh Snr. and Kelly.

His hobbies are reading, counseling, swimming and watching movies.

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