Artist: Kojo Antwi


Kojo Antwi after leaving school, started his Music career immediately by playing with Boomtalents. He was shortly after discovered and became the frontman of the then newly formed Classique Handels later Classique Vibes.

Kojo AntwiThe authentic and energetic youth band, within a short period captured the ears and eyes of Ghanaians and the neighbouring West African countries.

The potential the band had and the early discovery by an international agent brought the band to Europe,where they performed with overwhelming success in several festivals in Denmark and Sweden alongside Reggae & African well known Stars. The band was confronted with popularity and immigration problems within a short period of time. This brought about the disintergration of this wonderful band.

Kojo after a short while went solo. His first solo album >All I need is you < became a chart buster in Ghana. It was been played anywhere music sounds in the country. This album gave him the encouragement to continue and to become what he is today. THE Nr. 1 MUSIC STAR OF GHANA SINCE 1989.

Today, Kojo´s popularity in Ghana cannot be described with words alone. Series of awards, Nr. 1 hits in any Music charts around the country with any album he releases, nonstop airplays, TV shows in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal and U.T.N.A.,(United Television Network of Africa), tells how fast his career is gaining grounds to cover Africa as a whole. He was currently nominated for the African Musician of the year 1996 held in Juli in Johannesburg, South Africa, only to be beaten by Papa Wemba.

Kojo has already made tours in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Senegal, he is currently on Tour in Ivory Coast till end of March, and Burkina Faso, playing only at State Halls and Stadiums for thousands of people. In Ghana any performance with the star gets sold-out.

He was invited direct from Ghana in ´93 as the aspiring star of Africa for the famous African Festival in Delft, Holland. He also passed through Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and the U.K. performing upon the invitation of the African Societies thus making this tours more African than European.

It is time to get out from the national into the intercontinental market, the world should hear more about real live, love, happines, agony and poverty down in Africa.<< Kojo said.

Kojo plays Reggae with lots of African influences in the Lovers Rock style and Roots Reggae alongside authentic African songs. He sings in both English and vernacular. He has lady dancers, lady background singers and top Musicians who have worked with international Stars like Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba. He has a Master Saxophone player from Sierra Leone.

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