Artist : Sheriff Ghale
Genre : Reggae
Other Styles:

Sheriff Ghale was born in 1978 in the Northern Region. Unlike other musicians, the young reggae artiste believes that no one person has been his mentor because many people have influenced his music career at different times.
Sheriff GhaleThe Tamale based reggae artiste launched his first album in 1995 and has since been consistent in his music career. His latest album ‘Sochira’ (meaning Cross-roads in Dagbani), and also the album from which he won Reggae Song of the Year, preaches peace to human kind and most especially to the people of ‘Dagbon’.

With the belief that music cannot thrive in a war situation, Sheriff Ghale has campaigned for peace through his music. His second album, which was solely dedicated to peace and reconciliation in the north, was sponsored by United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) shortly after the 1994 conflict in the Northern Region.

Sheriff Ghale, together with six other northern music artistes, formed the Seven In One For Peace Music group, which came out with the album ‘Nangbayeni (Unity)’ produced in collaboration with Metro TV. The title track ‘Nanagbanyin’ had its music video enjoying wide airplay on he station.

Sheriff sings both in Dabgani and English but mainly reaches out to his listeners through the local dialect. This in many ways makes him one of a few artistes who have been successful in introducing Dagbani on the music scene in the country.

Apart from music, the young reggae artiste and proud winner of the Reggae Song of the Year is also a professionally trained teacher in Tamale.

As to how he is able to managed both his music and teaching careers, Sheriff believes that teaching and music are very much the same since one could impart virtues to society either way.

To him, the inspiration to write his music comes at all time. He believes that inspiration is one thing that any individual could tap free of charge from Almighty God, and it is obvious that this believe has been the driving force behind his successful music career.

Sheriff Ghale is a Muslim and as such, wakes up at dawn to say his early morning prayers after which he prepares himself for the long and challenging job of teaching.

He likes to observe a quite time meditating and will continuing singing as long as the Almighty God grants him the strength and vision to do so.

His track "Election Time" was included on the Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica Vol. 2 compilation.

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