Artist : Soulatidoe
Genre : Hip-life
Other Styles:

Soulatidoe is a duo based in LA, USA. The group consists of "Latidoe" known in real life as Fredrick Obeng and "Soul" as known in real life as Emmanuel Obeng. The two are brothers who were born and bred in Koforidua.

Soulatidoe"Latidoe" was born in Koforidua in 1967. He used to be a dancer whilst he was in Ghana. He had his Secondary education at NJUASCO in Koforidua.
Attended NJUASCO in Kofoidua.

"Soul" was also born in Koforidua in, 1973. He had his secondary education at NJUASCO and later continued at Pope John's Secondary School in Koforidua.

They left for United States only to be hit with the harsh realities of what living in America was all about. They felt compelled to reveal the truth about the so-called land of milk and to youngsters thru music.

But then they faced another obstacle. With the rate of recording studios in Hollywood charged, they were wondering how to get money to finance this project. They found a willing investor in their senior brother Seth Obeng who is the CEO of BOSS Entertainment.

Their joint “family affair” resulted in a chart busting album, “Kawanotumu” that was recorded and mixed at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood with the assistance of the world renowned Nigerian engineer Fortune Ortega who has mixed for artistes such as Montel Jordan and KRS One.

Soulatidoe calls the rhythm hip-hop highlife. Industry trackers call it the ”newest flavor to step onto the music scene” while the Real Deal Radio describes it as "a dynamic blend of hip-hop, highlife and African flavors all rolled into one”. Cuts from the album received intensive airplay on several radio stations in Ghana.

Soulatidoe is attracting the attention of key players in the music industry as well as a vast of fans. Performing before large crowds at packed arenas, they have not been disappointing. At a picnic organized by the National Council of Ghanaian Association in New York, Soulatidoe was at its very best as they treated their fans to songs from the “Kawanotumu” album with the title track “Kawanotumu” being their favorite.

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