Artist : T-Nice
Genre : Hip-life
Other Styles:

The group T-nice consists two members.

L.O.V.E(singer) and E-NICE(rapper)

True talent not only stands the test of time: It stands out in its own time, rising above the competition to connect with an audience and establish its own indelible, original voice.

T-NiceIn 2001, T-Nice released there first single “SUMMER LOVE”. And in 2002 they came With the #1 R&B smash "SEXY", L.O.V.E and E-NICE demonstrated beyond doubt that they possessed timeless talent.

(SEXY) was a quintessential modern song. It was also the song that put T-NICE on the road, appearing as both club headliners and support to superstars like jahiem,boyz2men,sat-r-day,ebon-e and many more.

Now L.O.V.E and E-NICE are consolidating their impressive gains and expanding their musical horizons on a new 12-song collection . The title single, (Talk to me) produced by simon feger, marco willich and the no 1. dj in germany, dj Ulli Gruter, is a stirring declaration of a man’s devotion to a determined young woman struggling through hard times.

This passionate song is complemented by such sharply contrasting songs as "hot & wet" an up-tempo song from 112. Another high point of (TALK TO ME) is a moving song of loss and hope, "LET IT BE" written by L.O.V.E and E-nice after a struggle of getting in to the charts.

The members are taking there time recording their album-in L.O.V.E's words, "finding the right sound, finding our place in music." But in the creation of TALK TO ME, the duo felt more certain of their footing and more capable of flexing creative control over the project.

The two members have known each other for a while. The group consisted three members in the beginning and ended up with two. Eventually we got together and realized that just the two of us, was the best move to make."

Now, in addition to promoting and performing behind their own songs, T-NICE are expanding into songwriting and production for other artists. Both men see these pursuits as essential to their longevity in a fickle and fast-changing music industry. As L.O.V.E wisely says: "We've seen too many artists come one day and go the next day."

"Since we're in this for the long period," "we're making sure that our business and creativity is properly taken care of. I'd hate to look back years from now and know we threw it all away because we didn't handle the right way."

"Growing up in different parts of the world," L.O.V.E says, "we heard not just contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop, but also the great blues and jazz artists that came before us-people like B.B. King and Miles Davis. When those artists made music, they really made you feel something. They transformed the pain and hardship of those times in their art."

"Well, E-NICE and I, we've also seen some hard times trying to figure out how to make it in this world. Now we're trying to use those experiences to put that kind of deep feeling into our music. The sound of our music-that's what people are going to hear from now on. For more information about us you can hit the buttons below.

T-NICE has searched deep in order to produce what they have and that has led changes in a way that people will still recorgonise them. They are at the moment working together with joyto records (known by its famous c.o Don Clovis, manager of K1 fighters in holland). It is a warm feeling that enabels them to do what they do. There are a lot of plans planned says the manager in germany. You will hear more from t-nice all around the glob so keep your ears and eyes open

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