Artist : The BRADEZ
Genre : Hip-life
Other Styles:

It’s undoubtedly and provocatively true that the newest hiplife sensation, THE BRADEZ, is a force to reckon with.
The duo, Kuntakinte and Stone, with their big brother Okyeame Kwame aka rap doctor featuring in many of their songs, have proven beyond reasonable doubt that music is indeed an inherent trait.

The BradezThe Bradez is a brainchild of the rap doctor, who selflessly looked deep into his younger brothers and saw the seed of music in them.

Realizing this great potential, he relentlessly went through all means to nurture them by the the minute. Along the years, he helped them through rap competitions, making them win without question in all such contests, enabling them to acquire the necessary confidence until they were ready to record.

It is somewhat challenging to define the kind of music churned out by the Bradez. They essentially call them selves rappers with deep poetic lyrics, their songs tend to be conceptive and concentrated.

Their great writing ability makes them synchronize their music with rhythms that best bring their lyrics to light. In their quest to come out with something known to our soul as Black people, they employ various forms of African melodies and tunes. It will therefore be no surprising if their music should get to our inner selves as Africans.

Apart from the few dancing swings to songs that will make one sit and ponder over life and what it really means; what mission there is for everyone to fulfill.

Apparently, their great ambition is to become the most sensitive lyricist in the history of Ghanaian music and the world at large therefore they are very particular about what they write, without least employing any profanity form of profanity.

Stone who is the eldest of the two is a second year BA Social science student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi whiles Kuntakinte is final year student of Prempeh college, which also happens to be alma matter of Stone.

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