Artist : Wanlov
Genre : Hip-life
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Wanlov, Romanian born, and raised in Ghana, is fluent in Twi, English, Romanian, and Pijjin. He has been residing in the states for the last five years, from east to west coasts and everywhere in between.

WanlovTen years ago, he began paving the way for his upcoming music career.

As many young Hiphop heads, he began rapping his favorite lyrics with high school friends and performing the local circuit in Cape Coast & Takoradi, Ghana while attending Adisadel College. Known as Spooky, he was well known for his performances in which he emulated the stage personas from Busta Rhymes’ vivacious delivery to Snoop’s debonair flows.

With his pure, unadulterated talent, charisma, and lyrical skill, he is taking his message of awareness, to the masses.

Upon immediate arrival in the states (to pursue higher education) Wanlov proved his skill in the freestyle circuit of the south. Within two years of residence in Temple, Texas, Wanlov, then still known as Spooky, won over the respect of local emcees in the Central Texas area.

After performing at local events and shows he eventually ventured out of Texas making his imprint on both coasts. One of his most memorable experiences was performing with Boundleczz of the Rapskallyonz for DJ Hi-Tek in Cincinnati, OH who personally let them know how awed he was after their performance and that he was looking forward to working with them.

That stroke of good luck went bad right after Wanlov left Boundleczz in Ohio and headed back to Texas. Boundleczz had to re-locate to Chicago for personal reasons losing important contacts in the process especially D.J Hi-Tek.

Wanlov on the other hand went through I.N.S abduction to a private holding facility in Laredo, TX for school status reasons. A transformation took place during this ordeal and Wanlov came out feeling the pain of injustice inflicted on him and most of the detainees he met in there and along the way.

This spurred the independent release of “Bail Money” which is a cry for help to his friends, family, and fans, giving a detailed account of the hardships he went through during that time period. The song got the attention of Source Magazine Editor Geo Hagan, then freelance writing for The Ave Magazine, who decided to give Wanlov exposure he felt he deserved. A few months later he was featured in the Spring 04 edition of The Ave Magazine as a trilingual conscious emcee to keep an eye on.

Then came ROAR ENTERTAINMENT . . . Seeing how hard it was to get into the music industry, with positive, socially conscious messages while maintaining secular appeal, Wanlov decided to start an indie record label with his childhood best friend and fellow Hiphop junkie Gerald Hagan. This has provided Wanlov the base to promote himself as well as seek other conscious artist to work with. Though a young label, Roar Entertainment is getting recognized by the fans and its future looks bright.

In the early months of 2005, Wanlov performed religiously at Project Blowed in Los Angeles’s Leimert Park ( an African American cultural hub in LA) every Thursday night He has earned the respect from the local and visiting emcees, deejays, and breakers alike. Project Blowed is one of the most demanding assembly of underground Hiphop artists on the planet; Wanlov has had several performances there and unlike many emcees new on the scene, Wanlov has never been asked to “please pass the mic.” Each performance says a lot about Wanlov as an emcee. He’s captivating audiences regardless of the coast. The people see he’s got what it takes and he keeps them coming back for more.

Wanlov also recently appeared on the Los Angeles based, progressive, world radio station, KPFK 90.7 fm, for a live on air performance and studio interview in promotion of (2/2005). The station’s staff and listeners took quickly to his infectious lyrics and as a result several of his sounds are currently in rotation on the station’s Afrodicia Radio.

This past summer 2004, he performed at the Annual Ghanaian Picnic, Hudson at Croton, where the crowd and organizers celebrated him as “the Ghanaian Bob Marley”. It’s not just “the look” but also his message, which has earned him this title. Wanlov spreads the importance of awareness, respect and life long search for knowledge and truth. His sound is refreshing, whether it’s the fun and upbeat lyrics of “Konkonsa” or the solemn verses of “Bail Money”.

He is proving himself a multitalented and diverse artist with a multinational fan base, from his home of Accra, Ghana to the States and beyond.

Most recent performances include, (but not limited to):
8/6/05: Annual Ghanaian Picnic, Orange County, New York
7/29/05: Club Ripple Open Mic performance, Brooklyn, New York
7/9/05: Ananse Clothing Launch Party, La Vagina, New York, New York
5/21/05: UC Davis Black Family Week, UC Davis Campus, Davis CA
5/12/05: “UCLA Fowler Out Loud”, UCLA Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, CA
1/22/05: UCLA TransAfrica Forum After Party at KAOS Sounds, Los Angeles, CA
1/22/05: Live interview and studio performance, KPFK 90.7 Aphrodicia Radio, Los Angeles, CA
1/20/05: Shadow Zu featuring WANLOV at the Joint, Los Angeles, CA
11/27/04: MauMau Sounds Anniversary Celebration, Caribbean Grill, Dallas, TX
7/31/04: Reggae Nights, Patton’s Inn, Ft. Hood, TX
07/24/04: HighLyfe Reggae Jam, Juju Spot, Los Angeles, CA
07/7/04: Annual Ghanaian Picnic, Croton on Hudson, NY
05/14/04: Skools Out Show, Levy Fry Auditorium, Texas City, TX
01/04: Talent Showcase, 2 The Point Promotions Showcase, Spiros, Austin, TX
8/03: Marcus Garvey Birthday Celebration, Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX
07/03: “Southside Teen Summer Show”, Southside Roller Rink, Killeen, TX

Featured on several mix tapes, including:
Feel Ma Talent mixtape by Pureafricanz Conexion featuring, “Bibini”, “Dey Came” and “Burn” among others
Fire in the Brain Mixtape by Invisible Flamez featuring, “Bail Money” and “Roar”
Lyonz Roar Mixtape by Boya Dunn & Wanlov

Additional discography –
"Dey Don't Know!" - Hiphop/Dancehall album with, underground Bahamian Dancehall & Reggae artist, Boya Dunn.
“Spook’s Story – Mixtape Vol 1” - Solo Hiphop mixtape

Currently working on –
2 untitled collaborations on Gyedu Blay Ambolley's album comming out early 2006.
“Odo Baako” – Solo Afrobeat/Hiplife/Hiphop album.
“Know Lov” – Solo Hiphop/Neo Soul album.
“iLLEGAL iMMIGRANTS” – Rapskallyonz Hiphop/Alternative Rap album
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Influences: Busta Rhymes, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Wyclef Jean, Sizzla, Dead Prez, Common, Blay Ambolley, Mos Def, Canibus, Bahamadia, Reggie Rockstone, & Lauryn Hill
Message: Seeking truth and gaining knowledge to share, for improvement of the quality of life for all; peace, progress, & prosperity.

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