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America's last iron lungs

Paul Alexander, 70, of Dallas, is one of just a handful of people around the world who still relies on an iron lung to help

US ending temporary permits for almost 60,000 Haitians

Trump administration said it will end temporary residency permit for Haitians  The permit has allowed nearly 60,000 citizens from Haiti to live and work in

Iranian PhD candidate with tickey forced off Greyhound bus

Mohammad Reza was traveling from Dallas to Kansas City last week for a research presentation at a Transportation Research Board national conference Near 3am, Reza was

Chechens cut their wrists in mass suicide attempt in court

Six Chechen defendants cut their wrists in mass suicide attempt in Russian courtThe 'suicide attempt' was in protest of how they were treated, they claimedThe

Barack Obama wishes Joe Biden 'Happy Birthday' with a meme

Obama wished Joe Biden a 'Happy Birthday' with a meme showing a picture of him giving an address with Biden behind himThe former president appears

Charlie Rose committed array of sexual offenses

Charlie Rose, 75, has been accused of sexual misconduct by eight women who spoke with The Washington Post Kyle Godfrey-Ryan claims Rose walked around naked in

Merkel raises prospect of fresh elections in Germany

Merkel raised the prospect of fresh elections after coalition talks broke downPotential partners failed to agree on contentious policy areas like migrationReturn to polls raised

Fixer Upper's Magnolia Market will outpace Alamo visitors

Fans are turning Chip and Joanna Gaines' shopping complex into a major tourism destination in their Central Texas hometown The home improvement duo's Magnolia Market at

New drugs could stop most common type of Dementia

Studies have determined the causes of dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), the same form of dementia Robin Williams suffered before committing suicideThe discovery was made

Clogs are killing your feet, experts say

Researchers found that wooden clogs damaged the feet of Dutch farmers who wore them constantly while doing hard manual laborThe shoes can chip the bones

Trump quietly loosened lion trophy regulations a month ago

On October 20 the US Fish and Wildlife Service began issuing permits on trophies from threatened African lions Lions had to be shot for sport in

Canadian couple use a pumpkin for their gender reveal

Pregnant Court St Jules and her partner of over two years, Chris Peralta, set the pumpkin to release colored smoke that indicated their baby's genderThe

Malia Obama kisses mystery man at Harvard-Yale Game

The 19-year-old daughter of former President Obama started Harvard this yearOn Saturday, she was seen tailgating the Harvard-Yale game in New Haven Video shows the moment

Deaths of mother and daughter may have been 'staged'

Police initially thought Helen Hargan, 23, shot her mother Pamela Hargan, 63, and then killed herself at their Virginia home in JulyBut a newly unsealed

William and Harry join Kate for Queen's 70th anniversary

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Harry for the Queen's 70th anniversary celebrations The royals headed to Windsor Castle on Monday evening where a

Former NFL star Terry Glenn dies in a car accident at 43 

The Irving Police Department has yet to respond for requests for commentA first-round pick of the New England Patriots out of Ohio State in 1996,

Woman hurt by Takata air bag urges owners to fix cars

Airbag victim Stephanie Erdman is appearing in Honda's new Facebook videosErdman will urge car owners to take their vehicles in to replace their airbagsShe instructs

Blue Planet II slammed for linking plastic to dead whale

Blue Planet II last night detailed demise of pilot whale's calf in Atlantic OceanSir David Attenborough said whale could have poisoned calf through her milkHe

New York Times journalist suspended over allegations

Glenn Thrush, a White House Correspondent for the New York Times, was suspended over sexual misconduct allegations, the newspaper said MondaySeveral female reporters claim the

Florida trans teen's war with his body started when at 10

Theo Ramos, of South Florida, started cutting himself in fifth gradeHe says when his body started to revolt, he had no idea there was a
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