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Airline defendants to pay $95 million in 9/11 settlement

Aviation defendants agreed to pay millions in settlement saying a security lapse led planes to be hijacked during 9/11The hefty settlement was described in court

Nando Parrado recalls surviving 1972 Andes plane wreck

Fernando Parrado was 22 when he was in a plane crash that killed 29 people and left 16 survivors stranded in the Andes Mountains for

Brazil teen kills self amid rumors ex shared photos of her

Karina Saifer Oliveira, of Nova Andradina, Brazil, took her own life on November 7 at her family's home and was found by her mother Her parents

Houstonians prepare for first Thanksgiving since Harvey

Houstonians will gather tomorrow for their first Thanksgiving since Hurricane Harvey devastated the city in AugustMany are still unable to live in their homes, which

Woman left in tears after man shoots her pit bull dead

The pit pull is dying on the lawn of what appears to be an American houseThe owner of the house apologizes but says that the

Baker who suffered sugar burns reveals how her skin healed

Bonnie Norman, 31, a baker from Fort Worth, Texas, posted pictures of her second degree burns on Reddit after hot sugar glaze burnt her faceThe four

Melania Trump decorates the White House for the holidays

The 46-year-old first lady shared several images of herself putting up decorations and viewing the traditional gingerbread White House on TwitterDespite being indoors, the mother-of-one

Democrat calls for Conyers to step down from Judiciary

Michigan Representative John Conyers settled a complaint in 2015 from a woman who alleged she was fired because she rejected his sexual advancesA second woman reveal US airports to find love this Christmas detailed the top ten airports for finding love over the holiday seasonUsing its Missed Connections feature, the app was able to identify the

Kellyanne faces ethics complaint after clobbering Democrat

Conway, a top adviser to the president, contended Monday that voters should not elect Doug Jones, the Alabama Democrat running against Roy MooreShe would not

Dry weather clears the way for Thanksgiving travel

The weather will be dry across most of the country, warm on the West Coast and cold on the East CoastSeattle is the only city

Apple admits student labour discovered at iPhone X plant

Small number of students were discovered working overtime at FoxconnApple said students worked voluntarily and  were compensated Local laws say they should not have been allowed

Hillary Clinton issues warning on artificial intelligence

Hillary Clinton spoke about the dangers of artificial intelligence in a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday The failed presidential candidate says we are 'racing

Meek Mill quotes Bruce Springsteen in wrongful death suit

Meek Mill is being sued by family of two men killed outside his Connecticut concert in December last yearFamilies have accused the rapper of inciting

The ancient Indonesian crater lakes that change colour

The three incredible lakes are part of  Mount Kelimutu, on the Indonesian island of FloresVolcanic gas mixes with minerals in the water to cause the

Laura Ingalls fictionalized in Little House on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane were the women behind the popular book series Little House on the PrairieThroughout her childhood, Laura endured

Colorized footage shows Kennedy's 1961 inauguration speech

Color footage shows JFK's inauguration speech in 1961 three years before his assassinationThe images are featured in author Michael D. Carroll's new book 'Retrographic: History

Missouri student writes 'white lives matter' on mirror

The graffiti was left in the girls' bathroom at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, MissouriA student took a photograph and it was later shared

Nick Carter responds to rape allegations

Nick Carter has responded to allegations he raped ex-Dream singer Melissa Schuman in 2002 at his home in Santa MonicaThe Backstreet Boys singer said that

Montreal Museum unveils dreadful waxwork of Justin Trudeau

Montreal's Grevin wax museum unveiled a statue of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, sculpted by Paris-based artist Eric Saint ChaffrayModel has come in for ridicule
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