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Astronomers scan 'alien' comet 'Oumuamua for ET signals

Astronomers are set to scan an 'alien' comet for signs of extraterrestrial signalsThe cigar-shaped object, named 'Oumuamua, sailed past Earth last monthThe mysterious comet is

Footage shows newlywed bride bitten by shark in Caribbean

Sarah Illig said that she's lucky to still have her arm after a shark bit into her armIllig said that she's lucky to still have

Plumber in San Francisco found guilty of murder

Binh Thai Luc was found guilty of five counts of murder, five counts of attempted robbery and two counts of burglaryHe faces the possibility of

Dozens of manatees huddle together to stay warm in Florida

Footage shot in Florida showing dozens of manatees cuddling up togetherThe manatees gathered together at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal RiverThe footage was uploaded to

The bizarre and hilarious century-old letters to Santa 

R.L. Ripples 'TweetsOfOld' Twitter feed, which converts old newspaper articles into tweets has been sharing the letters to Santas from kids a century ago From tobacco

French parents laced baby's bottle with anti-depressants

Delphine Niepceron, 27, and Cyrille Le Got, 43, accused of drugging their childThey initially said their child, named only as Maëlyne, drank a glass of

Girlfriend forced to walk naked down street is traumatized

A woman who was paraded down the street naked by her abusive boyfriend has told the jury that he 'tortured' her for two hours before

Bannon channels Ivanka to go after establishment enemies

Former White House Chief Strategist appeared at a rally Monday night in support of Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore Bannon used the opportunity to take

Footage of Ohio elementary school custodian goes viral

Wilbert Knight, 61, sings to the children and faculty of Pugliese West Elementary School nearly every morningFootage of Knight's heavenly singing voice was posted by a

Keaton Jones' mum denies she is trying to make money

Tennessee boy Keaton Jones shared his experience as a victim of bullying in a heartbreaking video He told his mother that bullies poured milk on him in

Moore's veteran friend, wife tell odd stories at rally

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore attended his final rally Monday night at a rustic barn used for weddings in Midland City, Alabama Moore has been facing

Roy Moore resurfaces for interview with 12-year-old girl

Moore hadn't been seen in public since Tuesday as it appeared he was lying low before the election on December 12He even refused to debate

Mario Batali appeared on sexual misconduct panel weeks ago

Batali appeared on a sexual harassment panel at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in October in New York'You need a workplace free of fear' he

North Korea claim Kim Jong-un climbed 8,300ft mountain

State media claimed Kim Jong-un scaled 8,300ft Mount Paektu on China borderThe trip up the mountain often precedes significant actions by the North Korean In 2013,

Apocalyptic mushroom cloud spotted above California

The Pyrocumulus cloud, which resembled an erupting volcano or a nuclear bomb, was seen above the San Ynez Mountains of western Ventura County in the Los

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik sail on Sydney Harbour

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik have arrived in Australia for a holiday The pair jumped straight into action and boarded Wild Oats XI for a yacht

CHOICE reveals how many calories are in holiday drinks

CHOICE has revealed the kilojoule content in popular alcoholic beveragesJack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey & Coke, and Smirnoff Black, have 1069 kJ eachJust one glass of sparkling

Pentagon will allow transgender enlistment banned by Trump

Transgender people will be able to enlist from January 1, the Pentagon said, after a federal judge ruled against Trump's transgender ban  U.S. District Judge Colleen

Algorithm puts Gal Gadot's face onto porn star's body

Video created by a Reddit user features a woman that looks like Gal GadotWas created by training AI on porn videos and images of her,

A cure for Huntington's disease could be in the pipeline

University College London researchers gave 46 patients an experimental drugThey discovered that the pill lowered their levels of toxic proteins in the brainThis build-up of
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