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Danny Masterson's publicist defends him from rape claims

Jenni Weinman made the comments to one of four women who accused Masterson of raping themThey were talking about his ex Chrissie Bixler who says

Grey's Anatomy writer Krista Vernoff hits out at Ratner

Krista Vernoff penned a piece for The Hollywood Reporter in response to Brett Ratner's statement denying allegations of sexual assault and harassment She shared a few

Mugabe 'would be exposed as corrupt' unless he resigned

Dictator was told that secret police files would be released about orders to killMugabe received a chilling visit from general who the led the military

Three injured in Thanksgiving shooting at Denver school 

The shooting happened at Manual High School in Denver, Colorado, at noonThree people, whose identities or ages have not been revealed, were injuredOne was shot

Chinese schoolboy gets bicycle lever stuck up his nose

A boy in China got a bicycle lever stuck up his nose after falling off his bikeHe hit the breaks too suddenly which caused him

Drug-resistant malaria parasite could cause global crisis

A drug-resistant strain of malaria parasite has emerged in Southeast AsiaThis isn't the first time, but it means scientists need to create new drugs

Trump Tower is breaching public space regulations

Tower agreed to provide a public area in order to build higher than allowed But the public seating area was found blocked off with a metal

Remarkable random acts of kindness

From the U.S to India, they are acts that will leave a huge smile on your faceOne man chiselled through a mountain so villagers could

Montana photographer takes images of model at Lowe's

Jenna Martin, a photographer based in Billings, Montana, decided to challenge herself by shooting a stunning model in the 'ugly' locationThe pair set out rules

Disease feared at puppy adoption party in New Hampshire

Families that fostered or played with puppies at an adoption fair in New Hampshire may have been exposed to leptospirosis Two of the ten puppies imported

President Trump wishes US soldiers a happy Thanksgiving

President Trump spoke to soldiers via conference call from his Mar-a-Lago clubHe repeatedly said the members of the armed forces were 'very, very special people' to

Pandas Ba Xi and Ying Xue are released back to nature

Female Ying Xue and male Ba Xi, both aged two, were sent back to the wild today in Sichuan, ChinaThey are the eighth and ninth

The Latest: Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade steps off

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade has kicked off on the streets of Manhattan beneath blue skiesMore than three million spectators swarmed the streets while 50 million people

Parents who think their babies are ugly confess on Whisper

A shocking Whisper gallery reveals why some parents think their babies are uglyOne parent said he wishes his 'ugly' children had never been bornAnother said

California skateboarding revolution captured in photos

Hugh Holland followed the 1970s California skateboard revolution, capturing breathtaking photos of its start The photographer is running the images as part of an exhibition in

Man in China has eyeball shaved to improve vision

WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT 'Eyeball shaving' is a traditional treatment and is popular in Chengdu, ChinaBarber uses a blade to scrape along customers' eyelids to

US Navy plane 'spots object' where submarine went missing

Plane, a P-8A Poseidon, returned to base in Bahia Blanca, Argentina last night A witness travelling on board the plane said crew could not identify the

Robert Mugabe has been 'granted immunity' in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe, 93, and his whole family said to be covered by resignation dealDue to public hostility towards his wife Gucci Grace, protection deal covers

NYT gets trolled for recipe for Brussels sprout sliders

On Monday, the New York Times promoted a years-old recipe for a vegetarian slider dish in anticipation of Thanksgiving on November 23It calls for Brussels

Gators celebrate Thanksgiving by gobbling down turkeys 

Gator Crusader, Michael Womer, fed his beloved alligators turkey on Wednesday Womer is seen in a new video letting his reptiles take the turkey from his
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