Must Read: Check Out 13 S3x Secrets

Must Read: Check Out 13 S3x Secrets File Photo

At a certain point in our life, we crave for it and at another point, we’re feigning headaches to avoid it. You’d see this kind of behavior in many relationships. At the beginning, you can’t keep your hands off your lover no matter where you are but as the relationship grows, s-x can start to feel more like a chore if you haven’t created ways to make s-x feel more exciting.

Firstly, s-x isn’t a secret, it’s natural and as humans, we’ve been doing it for a very long time. But rewind back a few thousand years and you’d see that humans weren’t really monogamous. As time passed, we’ve understood the benefits of monogamy and society has engraved into our minds that monogamy works out better for us in the long run.

Loneliness and lack of emotional intimacy versus lots of s-x, which would you prefer? S-x isn’t a secret, but the ways to ensure that s-x stays exciting in a monogamous relationship, well, that’s definitely a secret worth knowing, wouldn’t you say?

There are some couples who always seem to have the perfect relationship with the perfect s-x life, and then, there are most others who have a really hard time staying happy in one.

The biggest s-x secret you need to know is the recipe for perfect romance and it needs just two ingredients, unconditional love and lustful passion. If you can truly love each other AND stay s-xually attracted to each other even after several years of marriage or dating each other, you’re definitely in the right path.

If you want to have a great s-x life and keep the s-xual attraction in your relationship alive, even years after laying in the same bed with each other, you need to understand these 13 s-x secrets.

These s-x secrets will help you understand what it takes to feel s-xy, and keep your partner interested in you, and give you the perfect romance that will be envied by other couples.

1. S-x isn’t all physical attraction but…….

It’s been said that romantic s-x isn’t all about physical appearances. We all know that good looks can increase s-x appeal in a lot of ways. Work out and try to look better for each other. The fitter you look, the s-xier you’d look and feel, and that’ll definitely increase your s-x appeal and make you a better lover too.

2. Attention makes you s-xy.

The more you’re admired by other members of the opposite s-x, the more your partner will s-xually desire you and stay interested in you. Attention from the opposite s-x always has this effect on our partners.

In a long term relationship, both partners would start to take each other’s s-x appeal for granted. After all, when something’s easily accessible, it’s easy to overlook its value. But when your partner is standing in a crowd and getting everyone’s attention, that’s when you’d realize just how awesome and s-xy your partner truly is.

3. Regular s-x is monotonous s-x.

S-x always gets monotonous and boring if you don’t try something new every now and then. S-x isn’t just about penetration, it’s what you do with each other before, during and after s-x that makes lovemaking feel more special.

4. Talking is s-xy.

When two lovers talk about s-x, it helps each other understand the other partner’s desires and expectations better. Talking about s-x even when you’re not having s-x is always great for the relationship. So don’t be a prude, speak up and your s-x will only get better.

5. Hide your s-xy bits.

Don’t be naked all the time in front of your partner. The more you walk around naked in the bedroom when you’re not getting intimate, the more both of you will end up s-xually desensitized.

If you’re out at a party, and unexpectedly see a flash of your partner’s skin, doesn’t it turn you on? Create the same s-xual excitement in bed. Dress up and don’t reveal it all at once.

6. Missionary rules.

The missionary position is the most comfortable and the most intimate of s-x positions. Evolution has taught us to have s-x while facing each other, and that’s something very few species can do. Use it to build the romantic connection, but every now and then, try to vary the positions.

If one of you feels like a position is uncomfortable, try something else. You never know how a new position could feel until you try it so make it a point to try something new every now and then.

7. S-xy imagination.

Whether you accept it or not, your mind would definitely stray while having s-x with your partner. It’s obviously not easy to just stare into each other’s eyes for a good half an hour with a blank head. Instead of hiding your thoughts while making love, talk about it. Exploring each other’s imagination in bed is a s-xy rush that’ll make s-x a lot more exciting and lustful.

Have an active imagination, read and watch porn, and talk about your fantasies, it’ll bring back that spark you’re craving for, and each time a fantasy gets boring, talk about something new!

8. S-x is happiness.

Having s-x regularly makes you a happy person. Just like working out or shopping, s-x too stimulates the release of endorphins that make you feel good about yourself. S-x can relieve a headache, eliminate stress, and make you feel calmer and more confident at an interview. So instead of avoiding s-x when you’re stressed, indulge in it. It’ll make you and your partner feel better and bond better too.

9. Men and women and the way they look at s-x.

Men and women just don’t look at lovemaking the same way. Men are visual creatures who are aroused by what they see physically, while women are more aroused by emotional intimacy and what they hear and feel while making love.

10. Drunk s-x.

Intoxicants like alcohol can at times be the biggest aphrodisiacs. Alcohol in small amounts reduces inhibition, which makes you open up more and feel relaxed while getting undressed in the company of another person.

Alcohol consumption in males reduces the testosterone levels which reduces their libido proportionally to the alcohol they consume. On the other hand, alcohol consumption increases the testosterone levels in women. For most women, increase in alcohol consumption creates an increase in s-xual satisfaction during orgasms.

11. Dress up and look s-xy.

Look your best around your partner instead of dressing down in frayed overalls all the time. If you can do that right, there’s a good chance that your partner won’t cheat on you.

Here’s the reason why. If you find someone s-xually attractive, you’d find it very hard to lie to them or do something that may offend them. So instead of hiring a private eye or suffocating your partner into staying loyal to you, just ensure that your partner still finds you s-xually attractive.

12. Foreplay is a big part.

The longer the foreplay, the more intense the orgasms and the pleasure both of you experience. So the next time both of you are under the sheets, don’t go straight to the big act, take your time to warm up, and the s-x will last a lot longer. And good foreplay can even help a man who’s having a hard time staying up, stay up for longer.

13. True love doesn’t define a perfect romance.

True love is not the same as intense s-xual attraction. This is the biggest s-x secret that can quash a lot of misconceptions about romantic relationships. Experiencing true love will not give you the perfect relationship. True love is love but a perfect relationship needs more. It needs love and lust to be successful.

When you’re in a relationship, don’t just hold hands and walk down a street and assume you’re in a perfect romance. Push your partner against a wall now and then and make out too. Well, then you’d definitely have the perfect blend of love and lust, the perfect ingredients for romantic love.

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