Ladies: Check Out 8 Rules To Achieving Multiple Orgasms

Ladies: Check Out 8 Rules To Achieving Multiple Orgasms File Photo

Some people think it’s a myth, but a lot of women can attest to the fact that they’ve had multiple orgasms.

Here’s how you can join in on the fun.

When it comes to s-x, people want to experience bigger and better ways of achieving orgasms. This is why some people engage in various fetishes, because the bar for their s-xual fulfillment keeps getting higher and higher.

For those of you who are reluctant to engage in uncommon fetishes, the best milestone you can achieve through cut and dry s-x are multiple orgasms. If you can’t win over a partner with quality and variety, multiple orgasms are a way for you to maximize s-x using quantity.

Before we discuss what multiple orgasm is, we would like to explain to you what a single orgasm can do for you. Scientifically, an orgasm is a sudden discharge of accumulated s-xual excitement during the s-xual response cycle. In layman’s terms, an orgasm is what you’re aiming for every time you have s-x.

It is basically a neurologic explosion that affects your whole body. When you experience an orgasm, the pleasure centers of your brain go haywire, but in a very, very good way. There are thousands of ways to express how an orgasm feels, but the simplest explanation we can give you is that it gives your brain and body a huge jolt of pleasure.

Now, imagine if that pleasure happens more than once within a short amount of time. That is what multiple orgasm is. It may sound like a rapid overload of an overwhelmingly good feeling that can disappear within a blink of an eye.

Multiple orgasms occur because of practiced execution, not out of dumb luck. The chances of achieving multiple orgasms are dependent on the people involved. You need to know how to elicit an orgasm and how to maintain it in order to achieve as many orgasms as possible.

An orgasm can be achieved when a person’s body undergoes a complete s-xual response cycle.

The SRC is composed of four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasmic and resolution. The excitement and plateau phases are focused on s-xual chemistry and foreplay. The orgasmic phase speaks for itself. If you think that the last one isn’t important, think again. The resolution phase determines whether or not you can achieve multiple orgasms.

The resolution phase is where the refractory period occurs. It is when your s-xual organs *the clitoris and penis* have been stimulated to the point that the s-xual excitement discharge has rendered them useless, due to hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity.

Most women experience painful sensations on the clitoris when stimulated after climax, while some can’t feel any pleasure from its stimulation at all. In order to experience multiple orgasms, you need to maximize your time during the orgasmic phase before you lose or get too much sensitivity on your s-xual organs.

Tempting as it may be to just dive in and try it out, allow us to give you a few tips on how you can achieve this s-xual phenomenon.

#1 The first rule of achieving multiple orgasms is this: Don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

The most number of orgasms a woman has ever had in an hour was a whopping 134. If you plan on breaking this record, make sure to do some warm-up stretches, eat lots of carbohydrates, and drink lots of water.

#2 The second rule is this: Don’t push yourself too much or you’ll get hurt. If you get tired, dehydrated or dizzy, you should stop pushing for more than a few orgasms in one sitting. There is also a risk of traumatic contusions on your vagina, bladder and cervix. Multiple orgasms are awesome, but they’re not worth the medical bills if you’re not careful.

#3 Foreplay is necessary.

An orgasm is less likely to occur if you and your partner are not in the mood. Investing in foreplay assures that you get powerful orgasms that are even better when they happen over and over again.

#4 The clitoris is a one-woman show.

Clitoral orgasms can only happen once before it experiences a significant refractory period. Multiple orgasms often rely on G-spot orgasms because the inner walls of your vagina are not as hypersensitive as your clitoris after a climax.

#5 Your G-spot is your friend.

Find it, put a big sign on it that says, “Must not miss,” and enjoy the ride. Always look for your G-spot or ask your partner to help you. The G-spot can encompass a huge surface area of your inner vaginal walls, but it can also be just a little speck on the vaginal sponge.

The tried and tested method of finding it is by asking your partner to put their finger inside your vagina and curl it, as if trying to touch the back of your clitoris. The G-spot has a slightly rough or bumpy texture, and pressing on it can sometimes make you feel like you have to pee. You can ask your partner to move their finger around, and you can help them search by verbally guiding them.

#6 After the first orgasm, don’t lose your momentum.

When you stop pumping, grinding or sliding after an orgasm, the refractory period will be triggered, and the high from the recent orgasm will start to recede. The trick to achieving multiple orgasms is to continue hitting the G-spot until you feel that you and your partner are ready to stop.

#7 Stop when you want to, or if your partner’s too tired to go on any longer.

Multiple orgasms are really fun, but they take a lot out of you. You might get exhausted, dehydrated or dizzy after a while. Sometimes, you can even get injured when you don’t realize how much it’s affecting your skin and muscles.

#8 Don’t forget to give back to the person who helped make it happen.

You wouldn’t have been able to do this without an attentive and sensitive partner. Repay the sentiment by giving them one or two more orgasms for the road. Be generous with your skills and talent because your partner will remember this the next time you want another round of multiple orgasms.

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