Learn How To Seduce Your Man – With Bibi Bright And Akumaa Mama Zimbi (VIDEO)

Learn How To Seduce Your Man – With Bibi Bright And Akumaa Mama Zimbi (VIDEO) Bibi Bright And Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Akumaa Mama Zimbi has the best s*x ed sessions in the country, no question – on her r-rated show ‘Odo Ahumaso’, which seems like she’s been running since the beginning of time.


In a recent episode, the topic of seduction came up with her two guests, Bibi Bright and Zynell Zuh, with the trio speaking on how a woman can get her husband in the mood for some ‘action’.

With Bibi Bright playing the role of the seductress and Zuh the role of the husband, the scene is set for some erotic role playing peppered with some graphic language.

Check out the video below….Zynell is so uncomfortable in this scene.



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