Mother from Hell: This Shocking Video of a Woman Punching, Slapping and Beating a tiny Baby in the Face Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

A heartless mother has been secretly filmed savagely punching, slapping and beating a little baby as the child wailed. 

A heartless mother has been filmed by an unnamed eight-year-old girl brutally punching and slapping her little baby in the face as the child cried. The shocking clip has left people fuming. 
The video which went viral and attracted criticism from people could only be described as savage. The woman was secretly filmed assaulting her little baby who could be just a month-old or thereabout. The woman wearing a blue T-shirt and white trousers, deliberately slapped the baby as the child continued to cry on the sofa.
Massive blows can be seen raining down on the baby, with many so hard it could have caused serious brain injuries, or even death. According to reports, the mother allegedly savaged the little baby to "teach the child a lesson."
Local police are said to be investigating the video, the Sun UK reported. The video was filmed in the south Kazakhstan city of Almaty in August this year, but it was only released online this week.

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